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SDCC Is a Thing. Jul. 11th, 2011 @ 04:32 pm
And I will be there next week, I guess. (Hoo boy.) Mostly I'm just there to pitch my new, Hollywood-friendly Serenity Rose concept to all the important entertainment industry people:

BUT in between all the awful shilling and selling out I will, as usual, be sat at the SLG Publishing booth (#1815), hanging out, talking to all you genuinely important people, and possibly preparing delicious sandwiches. (Ask for my "Special Mustard!") Here's the full schedzicus:

SUNDAY: 11 AM - 3:30 PM

According to the chart I have, ELDRITCH! artman Drew Rausch and I will be occupying the exact same physical space for all those signing times, which will be both horrifically uncomfortable and, I hope, very, very funny.

And GOOD NEWS... There will be a special, limited edition ELDRITCH! object available at the booth this year - ELDRITCH! #1 in classic "paper" form, with super-special "sketch" cover onto which Drew will make all your sketchy dreams come true:

We're calling it the "SHADOW OVER SAN DIEGO" edition, and there's only a HUNDRED of these things, so... Yay going to San Diego! Drew will draw pretty much anything you want on the cover (tiny, complicated architectural details are a must), but if you insist on a sketch from ME, I'm afraid it will be this:

Or possibly this:

See you next week!

SERENITY ROSE IN HET NEDERLANDS Jul. 2nd, 2011 @ 12:16 am
Did you know the word for "comic book" in Dutch is stripverhalen?

It is both the word for "comic book" and the place I hope I go to when I die.

Anyway... HALLO DAAR! Just a quick post to let you know Serenity Rose Boek Eén: De negativiteit voorbij is now available in DUTCH, courtesy of our friend Stewart Newdale (A good man... and THOROUGH). Stewart's already finished Boek Twee, as well, so our organization can expect full domination of the Netherlands within the next few months, right on schedule. Watch your back, Mark Rutte of the VVD!

As before, if you are a Dutch speaker / know some speakers of Dutch, please help us spread the word far and wide. I want you to scream so loud Van Gogh can hear you no matter HOW many ears he cuts off.

The word for "witch" in Dutch is heks. Serenity Rose: Een stripverhalen over HEKSEN.

So which will be the next language to conquer the GRAND TRANSLATION CHALLENGE? Right now it looks to be either Spanish or German, but who knows? Portuguese, Afrikaans, Farsi, or some ancient Enochian dialect could swoop in at any moment and claim the prize. To see how to get your words of choice into the race, please examine THESE PAGES. And, as always, dank u zeer!

"Welkom thuis, Serenity Rose."

ELDRITCH! #1 LIVES! Jun. 15th, 2011 @ 03:00 am
AT LAST... It has been summoned. ELDRITCH! IS REBORN.



ELDRITCH! (for those who aren't already sick to death of hearing me bang on about it) is a bloody Lovecraftian horror/comedy comic scribbled out by me and illustrated by "Devilish" Drew Rausch. It's filled to bursting with strange humans, stranger monsters, Darwin tattoos, meat cleavers, magic spells, twitchering black tentacles, poorly-remembered Bon Jovi songs and all the best stuff there is! Starting TODAY we'll be selling ELDRITCH! as a series of six 24-page digital downloads every six weeks, with each one priced at an almost unfathomably low $0.99.




You have a few options to choose from, the simplest being a pdf file downloaded straight from us right HERE. The pdf will work on pretty much any device you own (try your toaster!), including iPad/Phone/Pod, Nook, Kindle, Android thingummy, and, of course, your desktop (Mac and PC). Basically, if you're reading this... you can read ELDRITCH!

And just for today, we have a special-type offer: Buy your copy of ELDRITCH!, send a message to serenity@heartshapedskull.com, and you'll be entered to win ORIGINAL SKETCHES by both me and Drew. And for every 100 copies we sell today, we'll pick a new winner. There is, quite simply, no better way to injure yourselves with our work.

Thank you so much for your support, guys! The indie comic scene is NOT an easy place to get a small voice heard, and I really appreciate what you've done to help amplify mine. It means a lot, and more and more as time goes on. The comic world is shifting beneath us, and as scary as it can sometimes be, it's also the most exciting time of my life.

Please let me know what you think! Both content-wise and format-wise, I mean. (Did the pdf work for you? How does it look? Was the process simple enough? That Ted Newbarn, he sure is a freakish character, ain't he?) We're still working out the kinks here, so we'd LOVE it if you could leave a comment here, at the ELDRITCH! site, my regular site, or - for those so Facebook-inclined - at the ELDRITCH! Official Fan Lair.


Here is a sketch I did of Anya as Green Lantern battling Zombie Boba Fett:

It's called "MARKETING," guys. I have to do this stuff!


SERENITY ROSE EN FRANÇAIS Jun. 1st, 2011 @ 03:56 am
Serenity Rose Vol. 1 ( le journal intime d’une sorcière autochtone ) is now available en Français, courtesy of the indefatigable Caroline Dumont. ( Merci, Caroline! ) Click Petit Sera to see:

And please, if you are a French speaker / know some speakers of French, we'd love it if you could help us spread the word. To the walls of Faceblogtwitter with you! And merci beaucoup.

The GRAND TRANSLATION PROJECT rolls on! Caroline will be working on Volume 2 en Français later this year, and I have a Dutch version in front of me now waiting to be lettered. (Might be a while, lil' Dutch script, but never fear... Your time will come!) There will also be a version en Español in the near future, because such a thing is NECESSARY.

And of course, if you would like to try your hand (or, more importantly, your brain) at translating Serenity Rose into YOUR language, please look over the archived translation posts HERE for more info. If you've already called "dibs" on a language, please let me know how it's going! One day you, too, could share in Caroline's glory.

"Bienvenue chez toi, Serenity Rose."

Such Sites to Show You... May. 21st, 2011 @ 05:48 pm
So by now you've seen the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, you've wandered about marveling at the new site flashiness, and, of course, you've visited ELDRITCH!'s unholy new home on the net... so what else? Could there be MORE?


There is a slick new STORE to go with my slick new website, and it's FILLED TO BURSTING with new print LOVELINESS. OBSERVE:

That's the new HEARTBREAKERS triptych up there. You can get them individually or in one print, poster-sized or letter-sized. Custom sizing is also available; just ask! A few of the classic prints are still around, too.

AND THAT IS NOT ALL. We've also got NEW original art (including four Vicious Whispers cartoons):

AND... for the first time, you can buy signed books and t-shirts DIRECT FROM ME:

Yes: I have got plenty of Babydoll sizes. (Shirts, not books. Babydoll books are hard to come by.) I also found a box full of that issue of FABLES I illustrated a while back. Happy to sign those for anybody, too... But when those are gone, they are gone forever.

Hope you guys like the new store! I had a LOT of fun putting this thing together, and, needless to say, buying art is the BEST way to show your support for Serenity Rose and keep Volume 3 humming along. Although, of course, you can also DONATE or SUBSCRIBE at $1 a month. (E-mail me if you do, and I'll send you a goblin - FOR SERIOUS.)

Thanks so much, everyone! Now it's time for me to go Break some Stupid Hearts...

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